Current Stream Report - Updated on 5/15/2013

Spinney Mountain Ranch (The Dream Stream)

Conditions: Fair to Good

Patterns: Baetis (Blue Winged Olive) nymphs and emergers, #20 to 24 - Pheasant Tails, Barr's Emergers, Juan's Sniper Baetis, CDC Loopwing Emergers (grey and olive); BWO adults #20 to 24; midge larvae and pupae, #20 to 24 - Dorsey's Top Secret Midge, Rojo Midges, Zebra Midges, Mayer's Tube Midge; Copper Johns #20 to 22.

Flows remain low and clear but fishing is fair if you are willing to walk and hunt for fish.  With the spawn ended there are still a very few larger fish in the 6 to 7 pound range hanging around but most of the fish will be in the 12 to 15 inch range.  Worth the effort if you're willing to walk!

Eleven Mile Canyon

Conditions: Fair to Good.

Patterns: Blue winged olive adults #20 to 24; BWO nymphs and emergers #20 to 24 - Barr's Emergers, pheasant tail nymphs, RS-2's in grey and olive, etc.; San Juan Worms #16-18; Dorsey's Top Secret Midge #20-24, JuJuBee Midges #20-22, Black Beauties #20-24.

Low, clear flows mean technical fishing on 6x and 7x fluorocarbon tippet.  Fishing is decent with a good presentation and careful wading.  Look for fish in the riffles actively feeding on baetis nymphs and midge pupae.


Conditions: Fair to Good

Patterns: Stonefly nymphs like Pat's Rubber Legs or Tungstones in #10-12; blue winged olive nymphs and emergers like RS-2's, Barr's Emergers, and JuJu Baetis in 20-24.  Black and red midge larvae and adult midges in 20 to 24.   Blue winged olive nymphs, emergers, and adults in #20-22.

Fishing has been good from the Deckers Bridge downstream to Trumbull.  Throw a stonefly nymph with a blue winged olive emerger or midge pupae off the back and fish riffles and tailouts of deeper pools to find fish actively feeding.

Cheesman Canyon

Conditions: Fair to Good.
Patterns:  As Deckers

The Arkansas River

Conditions: Good

Patterns:  Stonefly nymphs and dries - Prince Nymphs #10-14, Copper Johns #10-18, Stimulators #10-14, 20-Inchers #8-12, etc.; caddis patterns like Kingrey's Latex Larva, Barr's Graphic Caddis (green or tan), elk hair caddis, etc. in #14-18;  Blue winged olives in #18 to 20.

Caddis are off and running!  The Arkansas should fish well from Canon City all the way up to Cotopaxi or even beyond.  Tie up some #16 Caddis dries and get after it!

Spinney Mt. Reservoir

Conditions:  Fair to Good

Patterns:  Leech and streamer patterns from #6 to 12 - olive, brown, black; chironomid pupae ('ice cream cone') patterns from #16 to 20; egg patterns #16.

Water levels are extremely low (about 13 feet down!), but fishing is well once you walk out to the actual reservoir.  Bear in mind that boating is by hand-launch only!